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More than just a hangover

We have noticed an increase in cases where a high-spirited student night out has resulted in an allegation of rape, with drink and issues of consent often in play. This article offers some practical advice if you find yourself on…

Janner v Beck and the conspiracy cloud atlas

With the announcement by the CPS that Lord Janner will not be prosecuted despite ‘credible evidence’ of serious sexual offences, the clock has been turned back to 1991 and the conviction of Frank Beck. The Beck case was the first high-profile trawling…

CPS guidelines and the Pinocchio effect

The trial  had all the hallmarks of ‘grooming’ – a gang of adults luring a vulnerable young girl into sex, drugs, prostitution and trafficking. But last week, six weeks after it began, the juggernaut case ground to a halt.  …

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