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I have been falsely accused of a sexual offence, what should I do?
What happens if it is reported to the police?
Am I entitled to contact a solicitor on arrest?
Can I choose my solicitor when interviewed by the police?
Why do I need a solicitor to represent me if I'm innocent?
What happens after the interview with the police?
Can an allegation be prosecuted on one person's word?
Will I have to pay for a solicitor to represent me if I am charged?
What are the benefits of private representation?
Can I recover my legal costs if acquitted when privately funded?
Can I change solicitors if I am charged?
Can I opt for legal aid representation and pay privately for additional work?
Can I fund private representation through insurance?
Can I retain anonymity during the case?
Social services have said I have got to leave home because there are other children there. Do I have to comply?
Who can I call as defence witnesses - can a child give evidence for me?
If I am acquitted can I get any form of redress?
Are the police entitled to give out information about the allegations to third parties if there is no charge?
I have been wrongly convicted. Can I appeal?
If I am told there are no grounds of appeal, can I get further advice?
Can the Criminal Cases Review Commission help?
Can I get funding for legal assistance on appeal?